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Welcome to the PCSO Recruitment Guide. The Online resource centre that will help you Join the Police Community Support Officer - PCSO and help you in a Career as PCSO.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are employed to support the police and work within the local community by helping he police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance to the public.

As a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), you will perform one of the most demanding roles in the modern UK police force that is to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by dealing with minor offences and supporting front-line policing.

In the News
Policing: Aspiring to a longer term view 04:11, 17th September GMT
A short-sighted approach - and focusing solely on the here and now - does nobody any favours, says Dennis Weeks.
PCC legislation must be 'repaired or redrawn' 04:21, 17th September GMT
Analysts and PCCs themselves say legislation setting out election protocols and ability to remove a PCC from office needs to be repaired.
Specials 'should be paid annual bounty' 04:30, 17th September GMT
Force should follow Territorial Army model to retain highest quality candidates, says PCC.
Officer assaults: 'Cultural changes needed' 04:15, 17th September GMT
Systems to identify scale of the problem must be established – and a zero tolerance approach to attacks adopted, say Fed officials.
Force appoints experienced deputy 13:34, 16th September GMT
Drew Harris will join Chief Constable George Hamilton at the head of the PSNI senior leadership team.
Beleaguered police and crime commissioner resigns 09:43, 16th September GMT
South Yorkshire's elected commissioner says it is "now right" to step down for the sake of 1,400 victims identified in damning report.
IPCC: Chief constable under investigation 16:24, 15th September GMT
ACPO officer is being investigated in relation to force's alleged withholding of information about "failings" in dealing with sexual abuse allegations.
Chief defends setting targets to reduce crime 05:24, 16th September GMT
Cheshire Constabulary's Simon Byrne had come under fire online after announcing the move.
Far right protest sees officers attacked 15:38, 15th September GMT
Missiles were thrown at police, while an enquiry desk closed for the weekend.
Officer 'selfies' changed public attitudes at NATO Summit 06:43, 16th September GMT
Researchers find that initial negative reaction to huge mutual aid deployment soon changed with friendliness and photos.