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Welcome to the PCSO Recruitment Guide. The Online resource centre that will help you Join the Police Community Support Officer - PCSO and help you in a Career as PCSO.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are employed to support the police and work within the local community by helping he police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance to the public.

As a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), you will perform one of the most demanding roles in the modern UK police force that is to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by dealing with minor offences and supporting front-line policing.

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In the News
National procurement 'will help save frontline jobs' 18:30, 24th November GMT
Shadow Home Secretary detailed savings plans in review of public spending.
Technical fault led to 101 shut down 12:45, 24th November GMT
The non-emergency number was down in many areas on Saturday morning due to a Vodafone fault.
'Stop lone attackers with new anti-terror law' 07:00, 24th November GMT
Commentator on security calls on government to introduce new legislation, as ACPO launches series of measures to raise public awareness.
New Justice Secretary announced for Scotland 17:09, 21st November GMT
Following cabinet reshuffle to an equal gender split, first minister appoints a new justice secretary.
'Compel banks to report fraud attacks against them' 07:00, 24th November GMT
Commissioner's call comes after one expert suggests force's role as guardian of our financial beating heart may now be redundant.
Sergeant application guidance mistakenly sent to candidates 07:00, 24th November GMT
'Temporary line managers' given guidance on what is needed to be put in form - which some of them were supposed to be filling in.
'PCCs are much more effective than police authorities' 08:00, 22nd November GMT
Two years after their introduction, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners chairman says the office has made a real difference.
Government: Move away from 'unhealthy obsession' with officer numbers 07:00, 24th November GMT
As outgoing ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde reveals forces are planning to cut thousands more posts, Home Office urges move away from officer numbers debate.
Festival policing innovation delivering lessons internationally 07:00, 24th November GMT
Developing intelligence tactics in order to keep criminals out of public events has led to a dramatic drop in crime, as Ian Weinfass reports.
Learning the Lessons: Firearms licensing and call handling 07:00, 24th November GMT
This week, in the first installment of the series, we look at learning arising from issues including firearms licensing and concerns over welfare.