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Wandsworth Parks Police Jobs

All Wandsworth Parks Policejobs are dealt with internally, as they are for every Force in the UK. The HR Department is ultimately responsible for all Wandsworth Parks Police recruitment, whether for uniform staff (police officers and PCSOs) or police support staff.

To become a police officer and secure one of the Wandsworth Parks Police jobs, there is a standard police application process. This page, written by serving officers who are involved in police training and recruitment will hopefully help you get accepted for one of these jobs in Wandsworth Parks Police, if you feel, having read this, that a police career is right for you.

Wandsworth Parks Police

Entry to the UK police has become harder over the years, although it is still well worth the effort as a police career is challenging, rewarding, well paid, exciting and secure.

Wandsworth Parks Police Jobs

To be eligible to apply for any of the jobs in Wandsworth Parks Police, you will need to approach the police application process seriously. A Wandsworth Parks Police job is always over-subscribed and so insider hints and tips can put you ahead of the rest. So read on!

The process follows the standard UK model

  1. Check you fit the Police Entry Requirements (See ‘Who Can Apply’)
  2. Write to or telephone the Wandsworth Parks Police Recruitment Department for an application form. (See address below)
  3. Fill in the police application form that will be sent to you. (See ‘Police Application Form’)
  4. Undertake the Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) (See ‘Police Initial Recruitment Test’)
  5. Pass the Medical and Fitness Tests (See ‘Police Fitness Test’ and ‘Police Medical Test’)
  6. Wait for the date to start your job with Wandsworth Parks Police!

To help you on your way, the details of Wandsworth Parks Police Recruitment department are:

Recruitment Department

Wandsworth Parks Police
Parks Police Office
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ
Tel: 020 8871 7532/6789
Fax: 020 7223 2750

A Wandsworth Parks Police career can be a tough and unpredictable job, but it could also be the most rewarding position you will ever have. So make the best of all the help and assistance available (See 'Help With Police Recruitment' below).

These are some of the best resources available to make sure you stand the best chance possible of landing you dream job with Wandsworth Parks Police - they really do make a difference:

Help With Police Recruitment

  • How to Become a UK Police Officer The most comprehensive CD guide available on landing a police job. Insider tips and advice brought to you by current serving Police Officers.
  • How to become a PCSO Over 190 pages in this CD guide to successfully becoming a Police Community Support Officer. The best available.
  • The Police Selection Process An excellent book written by Ian Hutchinson, the ex head of personnel for Thames Valley Police and an acknowledged expert on police recruitment and police career matters.
  • In2Police Several companies run courses throughout the UK to prepare you for the Police Initial Recruitment Test, aiming to help you start your police job by passing the police recruitment process. In2Police is one of the best and is managed by serving police recruitment staff

So to sum up, any Wandsworth Parks Police job which arises will be dealt with direct by Wandsworth Parks Police, and who secures these jobs in Wandsworth Parks Police depends initially on eligible applicants passing the police selection process. Although this is fairly rigorous, the careers in Wandsworth Parks Police are well worth the effort - from uniform patrol to driver and from specialist detective to forensic expert - you are sure to find just the job for you. Good luck in your quest to secure a Wandsworth Parks Police job.

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