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Northumbria police vacancies : Whether you are serving or retired police officer, community support officer, special constable, police & criminal justice support worker, someone who works in the security industry, or an individual interested in reading information concerning policing, security and the police employment sector, Northumbria police vacancies is the place for you!

The Northumbria police vacancies provides recruitment information covering how to join the Northumbria police vacancies and details of current police vacancies and other recruitment information and services.

The Northumbria police vacancies is always actively looking to recruit new Police officers, volunteer special constables and graduates. Visit the Northumbria police vacancies jobsite and become part of the team as a police officer, support staff member, a community support officer or as a special constable.

A career in the Police service can be immensely varied and rewarding. As in any job application process, it is important to give yourself every chance of success, so that you can get it right the first time. Before applying for any position in the police service you might like to consider these things:

  • Purchasing one of the packages prepared by those in the know that will help you with the police application process. The one we would recommend is How To Become A UK Police Officer.
  • Joining the Police Forum where there is a special area for those going through the selection process.
  • Register for free police newsletters so that you keep up to date with police news and appear knowledgeable during the interview process. See top right.
  • Go to the Police Initial Recruitment page. Here you will find a wealth of free information that you may be able to use during the police application process.

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In the News
Met must look to other forces for outsourcing advice 05:00, 2nd July GMT
London Assembly members told force could learn lessons from the changes in the West Midlands.
New Northamptonshire chief named 14:43, 1st July GMT
Thirty-three year career which started in Northern Ireland continues in wannabe 'safest county in England'.
Retired firearms officers can 'dip in and out of service' 05:00, 2nd July GMT
Firearms officers association would like to see a squad of reservists set up.
Police 'failing to cope' with child protection cases 23:01, 1st July GMT
HMIC critical of delays in investigations, a lack of supervision from senior officers and 'cumbersome' ICT systems.
'Force is becoming reactive', federation warns public 05:00, 2nd July GMT
Fed rep says the public may only see officers in times of crisis in the future.
'New partnerships to be forged' with reluctant institutions on counter-terror programme 13:02, 1st July GMT
Obligations come into force today regarding the Prevent strategy.
Cost of policing demonstrations 'untenable' for force 05:00, 2nd July GMT
PCC tells Home Secretary cost of policing right-wing demonstrations is unfair on the force and the taxpayers.
Officer who suffered broken jaw unable to return to front-line policing 05:00, 2nd July GMT
PC Rory Stuart-Knill was kicked in the face by 'foaming at the mouth' David Smith.
Drunk father uses own baby as shield during police taser incident 05:00, 1st July GMT
Anthony Keenan was sentenced to two years in jail at Warwick Crown Court.
Judges uphold ruling against Met in John Worboys victims' compensation case 15:26, 30th June GMT
High Court dismisses appeal by force, whose lawyers argued interpretation of human rights law was wrong.