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Help With Police Recruitment

  • How to Become a UK Police Officer The most comprehensive CD guide available on landing a police job. Insider tips and advice brought to you by current serving Police Officers.
  • How to become a PCSO Over 190 pages in this CD guide to successfully becoming a Police Community Support Officer. The best available.
  • The Police Selection Process An excellent book written by Ian Hutchinson, the ex head of personnel for Thames Valley Police and an acknowledged expert on police recruitment and police career matters.
  • In2Police Several companies run courses throughout the UK to prepare you for the Police Initial Recruitment Test, aiming to help you start your police job by passing the police recruitment process. In2Police is one of the best and is managed by serving police recruitment staff

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If you are thinking about applying to join a UK Police force, either as a Police Officer or as a Police Community Support Officer, you will need to meet the general entry requirements. These can vary slightly force to force. To see the entry requirements, use the links below.

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In the News
Two officers who went to McDonalds instead of attending emergency call set to keep their jobs 20:07, 27th February GMT
An inquest found the woman, who was found hanged, died before the police were called.
GMP apologises for tasering blind man 16:03, 27th February GMT
Firearms officers mistook the man's folded cane for a gun.
PCs could face dismissal for going to McDonalds instead of immediately attending suicide incident 14:43, 27th February GMT
The officers went for cups of tea and finished off admin work relating to an earlier incident before making their way to the scene.
February firearms digest published 09:19, 27th February GMT brings you all the latest from the world of firearms in one email.
Met reveal £73 million crime proceeds haul 11:06, 27th February GMT
The amount seized is the largest since the Proceeds of Crime Act became legislation in 2002.
Custody database images should be deleted on request, government says 16:16, 24th February GMT
Photos of people not convicted of offences should be removed.
Kenneth Noye wins court challenge over open prison refusal 06:39, 25th February GMT
Murderer was earlier found not guilty over the death of DC John Fordham in 1985.
Police informer loses compensation claim 05:41, 27th February GMT
Many details of the case have been kept secret by judge.
Home Office declines to increase police power to ban protests 05:45, 27th February GMT
Rotherham has been the venue for a number of EDL marches which have cost millions to police.
Should national counter-terrorism responsibility be moved from the Met to the NCA? 08:41, 26th February GMT
Idea is not being ruled out at present.