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Welcome to the PCSO Recruitment Guide. The Online resource centre that will help you Join the Police Community Support Officer - PCSO and help you in a Career as PCSO.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are employed to support the police and work within the local community by helping he police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance to the public.

As a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), you will perform one of the most demanding roles in the modern UK police force that is to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by dealing with minor offences and supporting front-line policing.

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In the News
Force doctor carried out 'grossly unacceptable' medical examinations 16:57, 23rd February GMT
Avon and Somerset Constabulary commissioned an independent investigation into the actions of Dr Reginald Bunting.
Teenage special dismissed after taking police car for a spin without permission 06:03, 24th February GMT
The 19-year-old has also been disqualified from driving for six months, given six points on his licence and handed a fine.
DNA database most effective since records began 05:02, 24th February GMT
Official figures released today demonstrate the 'continuing effectiveness' of the database according to the policing minister.
Officers served with gross misconduct notices after race relations officer tasered 16:30, 23rd February GMT
The IPCC are investigating the incident.
Number of detainees will continue to fall as 'traditional methods' change 05:02, 24th February GMT
Met deputy commissioner said policy changes mean less people are being held in custody suites.
New welfare support service has saved four officer's lives 05:02, 24th February GMT
The scheme run by the PFOA is open to officers involved in a death or serious injury incident, or need other types of support.
Mind the gap: Obstacles in developing the new emergency services network 05:02, 24th February GMT
Push-to-talk functionality on the London Underground has been a hard won police radio capability, but its future on the new LTE network faces serious hurdles. Gary Mason reports.
Prisons and courts bill to set out duty for jails to reform offenders 09:47, 23rd February GMT
New legislation to be unveiled by Justice Secretary today.
Bomb explodes outside officer's home 16:35, 22nd February GMT
PSNI says the device under a car was being made safe by army officers when it went off.
Force slammed for child protection failings commended for improvements 00:11, 23rd February GMT
HMIC said strong leadership had driven change across whole organisation.