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Are you interested in How To Become a PCSO?If you want to become a PCSO, check out this How To Become a PCSO informative section which provide you with insider hints, tips and instructions which may give you the 'edge' on the PCSO application and recruitment process.

Welcome to the PCSO Recruitment Guide. The Online resource centre that will help you Join the Police Community Support Officer - PCSO and help you in a Career as PCSO.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are employed to support the police and work within the local community by helping he police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance to the public.

As a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), you will perform one of the most demanding roles in the modern UK police force that is to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by dealing with minor offences and supporting front-line policing.

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In the News
NCA boss rules herself out of Met commissioner job 14:20, 30th September GMT
Favourite says she has committed herself to new job too recently to change.
Driver who killed young boy and aunt during police pursuit appears in court 10:39, 30th September GMT
Defendant 'fully acknowledges the utterly incomprehensible pain and suffering caused'.
Durham chief's contract extended until 2021 05:00, 1st October GMT
PCC Ron Hogg says Chief Constable Mike Barton is an 'outstanding police leader'.
David Crompton to take PCC to court over dismissal 10:44, 30th September GMT
Chief was asked to resign after issuing Hillsborough statement.
South Yorkshire chief told to resign by PCC 16:31, 29th September GMT
Alan Billings indicates he was misled by David Crompton over Hillsborough inquest questioning.
McDonald's attack officer dismissed without notice 16:14, 29th September GMT
PC gave witness statement not corroborated by CCTV.
PC who 'dreamed' of joining service dismissed after sending malicious messages 15:53, 29th September GMT
Ealing officer pleaded to keep his job but was dismissed without notice.
Video: PC prevents M1 tragedy by ramming unconscious driver's car 05:00, 30th September GMT
Danny Pattison prevented a potentially fatal collision from taking place.
PC cleared over claims he injured 15-year-old with baton 09:32, 30th September GMT
Officer always maintained he feared for his own safety.
Officer dismissed after assaulting former partner 15:10, 29th September GMT
Harrow PC was convicted of four offences in June this year.