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Welcome to Police Recruitment.

This website contains all the information you need to undertake the UK police recruitment process and tells you how to go about joining the UK police covering advice on the Police Initial Recruitment Test and help with the police application process.

A job in the police is secure, challenging and well paid. Whether you choose to become a police officer, member of the civilian support staff, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) or a Special Constable,

Police recruitment is handled by each individual police force, although there are national standards of police entrance tests. In England & Wales this is the 'Police Initial Recruitment Test' or 'PIRT', and in Scotland it is the 'Standard Entrance Test'.

Police recruitment is currently competitive (i.e. more applicants than places), but the ongoing 'Police Could You?' campaign indicates how keen police forces are to attract the right staff.

So what is the next stage?

Use the links below to find out more about joining the police:

The Police Recruitment Process

Information about joining the police, the police recruitment process, how to become a UK police officer. Includes hints and tips.

Who Can Apply?
Entry criteria for UK police forces. Includes those to become a police constable in England & Wales, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland

The Police Application Form
Information on the police application form. Hints and tips to ensure the best chance of getting to the police assessment centre.

The Police Initial Recruitment Test

The PIRT is central to becoming a police officer. You cannot get a job as a police officer in England & Wales without passing this test. Inside tips on how to go about it and the best resources available to make sure you go to the PIRT better prepared than anyone else.

The Police Fitness Test
Nothing too daunting! Simple information on the test and how to prepare.

The Police Medical Test
Just to ensure you are up to the job.

Help With Joining
A career as a police officer is immensely rewarding so it is worth using all the help you can get to land that police job. In this section you will find all the help you need.

Become a PCSO
An increasingly important part of the policing family, becoming a Police Community Support Officer) is a great career. Here we explain what is required and point you in the direction of some great assistance.

Police Force Vacancies
This national police jobs board gives you a flavour of the types of jobs available within the police service. There is a lot of transferring between police forces, so don't worry if you don't initially get into your fist choice force.

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In the News
New PSD training on how to deal with discrimination complaints 05:00, 3rd September GMT
IPCC releases new guidance on how to deal with disaffected members of the public.
Officer punished by force for swearing 05:00, 3rd September GMT
Politician criticises sanction and says swear words used in custody suites should not be treated as 'serious'.
Treatment centres will change admission charges to remain viable 05:00, 3rd September GMT
Retired officers will be asked to pay, while volunteer officers can use service from next year.
Police Scotland review 'does not go far enough' 05:00, 3rd September GMT
Inquiry into force's governance was announced on Tuesday by First Minister.
Home Office could take back oversight of policing in Northern Ireland 05:00, 3rd September GMT
Political crisis at Stormont could mean direct rule from London temporarily being restored as last resort, understands.
PC stabbed by mental health patient who had scissors and knife 14:31, 2nd September GMT
Officer was one of two wounded in west London over the weekend.
Force will review procedure for body worn camera footage requests 05:00, 3rd September GMT
Request submitted within 30 days but recording was deleted.
Armed officers shoot man 'carrying firearms' 14:09, 2nd September GMT
The man was left with leg injuries following the incident.
SIO Corner: Offering rewards 16:11, 2nd September GMT
This week we look at the potential pitfalls that may arise as a result of offering a reward to the public for information.
Latest public order digest published 12:26, 2nd September GMT
Legal costs, water cannon and mutual aid all feature in the latest edition.