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Welcome to Police Recruitment.

This website contains all the information you need to undertake the UK police recruitment process and tells you how to go about joining the UK police covering advice on the Police Initial Recruitment Test and help with the police application process.

A job in the police is secure, challenging and well paid. Whether you choose to become a police officer, member of the civilian support staff, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) or a Special Constable,

Police recruitment is handled by each individual police force, although there are national standards of police entrance tests. In England & Wales this is the 'Police Initial Recruitment Test' or 'PIRT', and in Scotland it is the 'Standard Entrance Test'.

Police recruitment is currently competitive (i.e. more applicants than places), but the ongoing 'Police Could You?' campaign indicates how keen police forces are to attract the right staff.

So what is the next stage?

Use the links below to find out more about joining the police:

The Police Recruitment Process

Information about joining the police, the police recruitment process, how to become a UK police officer. Includes hints and tips.

Who Can Apply?
Entry criteria for UK police forces. Includes those to become a police constable in England & Wales, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland

The Police Application Form
Information on the police application form. Hints and tips to ensure the best chance of getting to the police assessment centre.

The Police Initial Recruitment Test

The PIRT is central to becoming a police officer. You cannot get a job as a police officer in England & Wales without passing this test. Inside tips on how to go about it and the best resources available to make sure you go to the PIRT better prepared than anyone else.

The Police Fitness Test
Nothing too daunting! Simple information on the test and how to prepare.

The Police Medical Test
Just to ensure you are up to the job.

Help With Joining
A career as a police officer is immensely rewarding so it is worth using all the help you can get to land that police job. In this section you will find all the help you need.

Become a PCSO
An increasingly important part of the policing family, becoming a Police Community Support Officer) is a great career. Here we explain what is required and point you in the direction of some great assistance.

Police Force Vacancies
This national police jobs board gives you a flavour of the types of jobs available within the police service. There is a lot of transferring between police forces, so don't worry if you don't initially get into your fist choice force.

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In the News
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National Police Coordination Centre head interviewed just before changing roles.
Selfless officer recognised for chasing down armed gunmen 05:00, 6th October GMT
The PC was shot at five times while running after the criminal.
Officer killed after being hit by stolen car named as married father of two 12:36, 5th October GMT
PC Dave Phillips died this morning after being hit by Mitsubishi which mounted central reservation.
Estate sell off proposed to combat 'government cuts programme' 05:00, 6th October GMT
ACC Michelle Larmour says updated technology will offset the reduction in bases.
Football disorder could increase club's policing bill 05:00, 6th October GMT
Two officers were hurt during clashes between fans at a Port Vale fixture.
Force invests in wind turbine in attempt to save more money 05:00, 6th October GMT
But proposals have been met with some hostility.
Police officer killed after being hit by stolen car 09:59, 5th October GMT
Officer was standing in central reservation when car mounted kerb and hit him.
Force told to increase number of driver trainers following collision 15:03, 5th October GMT
IPCC said driver's actions were appropriate but force must improve training.
Force considers voluntary severance, abolishing PCSOs and scrapping mounted unit 05:23, 5th October GMT
DCC Andy Cooke said that Merseyside Police is having to consider options such as voluntary severance.
Digital forensics training academy to be run by private firm with ambitious growth plans 05:17, 4th October GMT
West Midlands Chief Constable Chris Sims will formally open centre at launch in Stratford-upon-Avon.