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Welcome to Police Recruitment.

Whether you want to become a police officer or a police community support officer, the selection process can be tough. You have only got to look at the application paper to realise some of the potential pitfalls. Here we have listed the best available recruitment resources. They will ensure you have comprehensive preparation and guidance, and will ensure you have the best chance of success.

How 2 Become

How 2 Become provide comprehensive CDs and DVDs to guide you interactively through the entire selection process, from completing the application, through to passing the selection interview. They will also give you insider tips on requirements such as the core competencies and equality and fairness.

Blackstone’s Police Titles

Preparing for Police Duty is an invaluable introduction to the police service for new recruits, or those considering a policing career, as it explains what expectations you should have of the police and what the police should expect of you. The Student Officer’s Handbook is a key text for student officers and gives the reader in-depth background subject matter for the Police Learning and Development Programme.

Scottish Police Practice Papers

Scotland has a different selection process to England and Wales and only allows you three attempts. Even though the other guides here are relevant to joining a Scottish force, Scottish Police Practice Papers will ensure you are fully prepared for the Standard Entrance Test.

The Police Selection Process

The Police Selection Process covers the entire selection process including the application form, assessment centre, core competencies, interactive scenarios, numerical test, verbal logical reasoning test and information on entry criteria. The book is also supported by an interactive DVD that demonstrates what to expect during the interactive scenarios and competency based Interview.

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